The Right Way to Hold a Violin

There are various kinds of musical instruments such as stringed-instruments and keyboard instruments. Most bands have a complete set of musical instruments from stringed to keyboard. These instruments, when combined, creates a good music. Whether the music is hard rock, popular, or classical, when musical instruments are used, then listeners will continually listen to it. That’s the magic of music combined with musical instruments!

In the above infographic, you can see and learn about the right way to hold the violin. Violin is a very special kind of stringed instrument. It creates a very pleasing sound. Now, let’s learn how to hold it correctly.

  • Sit or stand straight. This position can give comfort to the violin player.
  • Hold violin between chin and left shoulder. Your chin and left shoulder serves as a supporter of the violin which means, it helps to hold it. The stick which is used to strum the instrument is held by the right hand.
  • Keep left shoulder relaxed. Just relax and don’t be tensed. It will help you play the instrument more comfortable.

  • Put your left thumb in the same spot every time you play. Make sure not to move your left thumb.
  • Keep a straight line from left elbow through left wrist. If you want to play the violin correctly, make sure to follow the right position of your hands. Be professional. How? You must follow the basic steps or ways in holding the violin correctly.
  • Relax left arm away from the body. Feeling relaxed when you play the violin will make your performance perfect. Good luck!