Music in Japan

Japan is one of the most egocentric nation in the whole whole world.  However,  it is a surprise that their music is transformed to western music and Asian music. Their music was completely transformed to a mix culture ones. Actually,  J-pop is one of the most famous music in the world. Pop and rock  songs revolved in the late 20th century. However,  now is the time they have become a rival of western rock and K-pop.

While many artists have already done their best to create a powerful impact of music, Japanese music is putting an impact in the field of J-music. No one truly understood the meaning of J-music except the Japanese people. It is a reality that Japan has become highly recognized in terms of arts,  economy,  education and so forth and so on.

Japanese music was preserved until the early 20th century. They have their own music and music style but now,  they only sing their traditional songs during their national festival. There are s9 many things that are engraved in their songs such as culture,  lifestyle,  nature, nationalism and many more.  When Japanese was ruling in the east,  people think that they will never be defeated. However,  the world conquered them through music.  They are fascinated by the western music and theybwere influenced by it.

Many western artists too admire Japan for that.  Myths and fantasies are now included in Japanese music which makes it beautiful. Even if people came to produce exotic music, since theybare mixed songs, it can be credited as normal